A new way to make friends at Berkeley

Why Lunchable Matters

Lunchable is more than an app - it’s a platform for helping people connect in an increasingly digital age. We believe that eating food is an essential building block to creating meaningful friendships that last a lifetime.


How Lunchable Works

Whether you’re trying to meet new people on campus, in a club, or at work, Lunchable makes it easy to connect with people you may never have met before. With Lunchable you can schedule lunches and coffee chats, establish commonalities early on, and find common slots of availability, all in just a few minutes.


Join the Waitlist

Excited? We are too! The app is still under construction and we’re estimating a release date in Fall 2020. If you’re interested in staying in touch for the latest news on the app’s launch, sign up below and we’ll add you to the waitlist!


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